26.02 –

Chesa da Pravenda
La Serletta 5, St. Moritz

Stéphanie Baechler (NL/CH)
Dimitri Bähler (CH)
Martino Gamper (UK/I)
Valerio Glisenti (CH
Reto Grond (CH)
Jo Nagasaka –
Schemata Architects (JP)
Yvonne Rogenmoser (CH
Robert Wettstein (CH
Wiener Times (AT)  

Following up on last winter's exhibition at Casa Faoro, Second Nature is excited to present 'Counter Views'. This season's show takes place in a disused and dismantled apartment (shell) in the centre of St.Moritz.

'Counter Views' plays with the contrast between the apartment’s  off-space character and its exposure to the scenery. The show is conceived as an alternative dialogue centred around the transitory conditions of the space and the potential of narratives beyond established modes of presentation.

The diverse approaches by makers and designers featured in ‘Counter Views’ deal with materiality –clay, wood, stone, and textile– to create multifaceted objects that move between the functional, decorative, and conceptual. Some of the works reference local typologies; others highlight material characteristics in a game of concealment and exposure; some play with daring juxtapositions and use objects and techniques as devices for their artistic research. Through their multiple reference points to the handmade, the cultural landscape and natural environment, the works in the exhibition act as tools for conviviality, correspondence, and a shared outlook.


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