The Limmatstrasse Residency was initiated as a form of emergency hospitality in response to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and its immediate consequences for artists, designers and professionals from the cultural field. The project is taking place within the context of the interim occupation of an empty building in Zurich’s centre. It offers temporary working spaces at no cost to a group of residents in order for them to pursue their activity despite practical difficulties currently affecting them.

Operating in an intuitive and non-bureaucratic way, the residency aims to value forms of non-monetary exchange based on individual commitment, the sharing of resources and experiences. It places notions of mutual support and empathy at the core of the interactions between occupants of the building. In this sense, the community of residents actively takes part in the residency’s development by contributing to shape its outcomes as well as formulate the questions underlying its organic character.

Beside supporting the residents in their respective practice, the project intends to foster a collaborative culture through site-specific projects, both among the residents themselves and in partnership with guest contributors. These interventions are conceived to materialize within and out of the premises of the residency. They are made public through a series of events that open the doors of the building to external audiences, inviting them to engage with this ongoing dialogue about temporary sites of production and adaptive modes of creation.

Joshua Andres
Andriu Deplazes
Nina Emge
Jasmine Gregory
Marie Griesmar
Semuel Lala
Ivy Monteiro
Tracy September
Karolin Braegger
Aglaia Brändli

Giovanna Lisignoli
Simon Marin


Photography Aglaia Brändli