Yvonne Rogenmoser (*1977) is a designer, illustrator and artist that uses drawing to articulate personal and societal themes. She graduated from the University of the Arts in Zurich (ZHdK) with a BA in Scientific Visualisation (2012). 

She has since created and illustrated numerous books, zines and designed textile pieces. In her artistic approach, she experiments with materiality and craftsmanship as carriers of narratives. Rogenmoser's points of departure are often thoughts, observations or impressions that are not graspable from the outset. Rogenmoser uses – as she describes – 'the inherent rhythm' of hand-building clay to let content and substance emerge.

Yvonne Rogenmoser's illustrations take a perspective that is free from restrictive codes or registers. At first glance, the pieces are playful, intuitive and casual. A closer inspection reveals contradictory configurations with elements blending mythology, symbolism, mass-market and everyday culture. Simultaneously, Rogenmoser turns ceramics on its head and questions the status of the medium itself. Her objects transform the ever-present flood of information into fearless allegories, providing a new viewpoint on our fragmentary perception.

"Impressions, information and images constantly affect us, free-floating and often jumbled, over time, shaping our view of the world. Continuously changing, these fragments also shift their significance depending on our angle of vision. We cannot perceive all of them simultaneously, nor even remember the ever-changing configurations they build. Yet, out of this threatening chaos, different relationships emerge, creating a new form that will persist for an instant, then change again."
Yvonne Rogenmoser